tiistai 24. marraskuuta 2009


So, my N900 arrived yesterday at 12.30 early afternoon. I ordered it online on Nov 12th from the Nokia store, so I have no complaints about the pre-ordering process or possible delays. I happen to live in Finland, where Nokia is from, but I don't feel we had any advantage over the rest of the world. Apparently the devices were shipped from the Netherlands and I might have received it slightly ahead of most of Finland, since I practically live next to the airport.

On to the device itself: It is a beautiful piece of equipment. Just as shiny and compact as the ads would have us believe. The build feels very good and I have no fears of breaking any part of it. I don't see myself using the kickstand a lot, although it might make the N900 a very trendy, albeit expensive, photo frame with a suitable slideshow started. I mention the kickstand, since that is the part most people seem to think will break first. I don't think the stand will break that easily, but I am sure there's always one or two who will accomplish it.

This blog will not be your usual "unboxing" bonanza, because I am sure you will find an unlimited supply of those. Instead, I will try to describe all my relevant experiences, good or bad, with the device so that they may benefit people in the same situation as me.

And believe me: a lot of people will be disappointed at first. This N900 has a lot of issues out of the box, but I think most can be solved. One BIG hurdle is the fact that people are used to the iPhone and expect everything to work the same way - at least all other devices that are any good. Well, the N900 is an enigma: It's nothing like the iPhone and it still manages to be good. You just have to realize it's a different tool that has to be used in a different way. I hope you will find my thoughts during the coming months both use- and helpful.

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