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This is going to be a regularly updated hints -post, where I put in all the "hidden" gems I find.

Hint 1:
You can take a screenshot with ctrl-shift-p. The screenshot is placed in the Camera -folder where your digital photos also end up. Edit: I haven't changed anything, but I created a "Screenshots" directory under images and now, for some reason, all my screenshots end up there automatically. Pretty handy!

Hint 2:
You can show the Dashboard from anywhere in any program by pressing Ctrl-backspace.

Hint 3:
Kind of obvious, but here goes. If you unlock your device by opening the keyboard, closing it again will relock it. If you unlock your device from the power-button, you have to swipe the little slider to unlock. If you flick the switch at the bottom to unlock, you don't need to swipe the slider - it jumps straight into the phone. Closing the keyboard does NOT lock the device if you unlocked using one of the two latter methods. You can double press the power button to lock.

Hint 4:
There is a feature that will allow you to launch the phone app (to make a call) simply by raising the phone to an upright position. This has to be enabled from the menu in the Phone App: Menu -> Turning Control -> Launch by turning.

Hint 5:
The space bar acts almost as page down in the browser.

Hint 6:
If you like having your icons lined up perfectly, plan ahead: Decide which ones you want on a desktop and then start adding them one by one in the correct order. The N900 will automatically line up icons when you first add them. You can then screw up the symmetry by dragging the icons around and there's no way to "arrange icons" on the desktop.

More to follow... 

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