lauantai 28. marraskuuta 2009

The FM transmitter

I'll be brief. I went to a baby store with my wife today (big disappointment, they didn't sell any babies) and it was a 30 min drive each way. I wanted to give the FM-transmitter a test, so I started looking for it.

At first I expected to find a "turn FM transmitter on" -button in the Media Player app, but there was none. I then realized the FM transmitter probably affects all system sounds, so the logical place for it would be in the settings app. Bingo! Right there under settings was a menu item called "FM transmitter". I clicked it and only the absolutely necessary controls were available: Turn FM transmitter on and channel frequency. I set mine to 107.9, because that is what I had a preconfigured channel for from my iPhone FM-transmitter device.

After that it was smooth sailing. Everything worked as expected from start to finish and I don't feel it sucked a lot of battery either. I could actually hear all system sounds in the car speakers, but I didn't test whether callers' voices could be heard too...

The only hiccup was that our Audi "concert" system played a very audible beep every 20 seconds. It was because we had traffic announcements turned on in the car radio and turning it off required a little research in the manual.

I tried listening for noise in the signal, but could hear none. I guess with the sound of winter tires against bare asphalt, possible noise was at a much much lower level. I've always been sort of condescending towards car audiophiles anyway: show me a car with zero ambient noise inside while driving. Until we start running purely on electricity, the sound of traffic, engine and tires will probably far outweigh any noise from the audio system. And switching to electricity will probably not cancel out tire-noise. We would need to be flying or hovering (on electricity) for that ;)

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