tiistai 24. marraskuuta 2009

My favorite things

Ok, in this post I will mention all the things I like most about the N900. My previous post was about its bugs and so, to keep the equilibrium, I want to explain why it's still a really good device.

1. thing I like
I like the physical keyboard. I find it very easy to write on, although the space bar is in a very funny place that takes some getting used to. I like the predictive text input that lets you choose a primary dictionary and a secondary and even allows you to MIX them. So if you write in two languages, the N900 will suggest words from both!

2. thing I like
The camera is very snappy. On the HTC Hero (Android), the snowman had already melted and father christmas left for the North Pole when the camera was ready to take a picture. The N900 has a super snappy camera that takes beautiful pictures. The video part seems very good too, but I need to check out the material on my desktop before saying anything conclusive about it.

3. thing I like
Integration of all messaging services into one contact. Normally you would have one MSN contact, one Skype contact, one SMS contact and sort of treat them as different people. On the N900 you choose one, merge it with another contact (same person, different protocol) and a third, until you end up with one person with all the different methods of conversation.

4. The Browser. It's very fast. On lighter pages it's just as fast as the desktop equivalent. If I'm running a desktop computer on my wlan and a mobile device, all things being equal, they should open the same page in roughly the same amount of time. This has been very far from the truth before, but now we're getting there. The N900 does take almost twice as long as Chrome, opening a page, but that's way better than the Android and the iPhone 3G.

5. SSH server! I can log on to the N900 and really see what is happening under the hood. It feels very familiar, since I have experience from Linux servers. On the Android, I could log on to something that reminded me of Linux, but it wasn't the same - it felt like being in Denmark or something. The N900 feels right at home.

2 kommenttia:

  1. The predictive text-input can be turned off, yes? Easily?
    Easy or hard to switch the dictionaries in and out (if one wanted to use it for more than two languages)?
    Keyboard layout? (ÅÄÖ?)

  2. try doing overclocking with undervoltage. would make your phone more snappier and less battery hog. assuming you still have the phone :)